First & Only Advertising Leaderboard

Advertising your business sucks and you know it

You don't know what advertising is winning

It's expensive and unpredictable

Even poor results with no insight as to why

Businesses who are tracking performance have No Way to Truly Measure their results. With all the ways to advertise are you getting the best results? How do you know you are?

Why Don't We Let The Data Decide

Advertising is about sales

Not clicks. Not views. Not awareness. Sales

Investing in advertising can be risky with no guarantees. When you buy advertising your ability to score the "worthiness" of where your dollars go are hit-or-miss.

TrueScore changes all that.

Here's what's in it for you

Big Data. First-party. Hyper-local. Sales

TrueScore is the world's first application built for businesses who want to know in advance what advertising is winning. This is beyond predictive analytics.

This is leading edge prescriptive analytics.

Advertising That's Winning!

Here's how you'll benefit:

Know in advance what advertising is winning specifically to your business.

Gain actionable recommendations to increase ad performance.

Eliminate the risk, waste of time, money and frustration.

Client Testimonial

Restaurant Owner

As a business owner I spend thousands of dollars on ads, coupons, banners, flyers, mailers... always chasing that next customer. Now TrueScore eliminates the waste of time, money and frustration.

TrueScore is a game-changer for businesses.

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